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Our Story

In 2005, we got our first corgi, Jo. He would follow us around, cuddle when we were sad or sick, and always had the most wonderful attitude. From the day we brought him home, our lives changed forever; we just knew we needed to have more of these sweet babies in our lives. 

Soon after we got Jo, our family moved from Columbus, OH to a farm outside of Nashville, TN. Since we had the extra space in our new home and a dog run outside, we got two more corgis and started our journey!

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For the past 15 years, we've raised our babies in our home around our family. They are well socialized and given love at every opportunity. We begin potty-training early and familiarizing them with simple commands. You'll often see our corgis lounging on the couch watching TV or playing together in our large, fenced-in backyard.

About: About

In 2020, we got Anya (left) from Russia, and Dimitri (right) from Poland. Both come from pure European blood lines from reputable breeders. We have absolutely fallen in love with their quirky mannerisms, gentle nature, and calm demeanor. They have made our family complete. 
Anya enjoys spending time in her outdoor, fenced in catio, watching the birds and napping on her cat tree. Dimitri is a mama's boy and doesn't leave my side; he's my shadow. They both have made friends with our corgis (especially Dimitri & Piper), and you might see them sleeping together in one of their many pet beds or cuddling with their humans.


Philosophy & Mission

It is our mission to place our babies with the most loving families, so we do ask that you be open with us as we find the perfect pet for your family. Raising a corgi or a Maine coon is a 12-15+ year commitment, and we want to ensure they are in a healthy and safe environment to live out their lives.

We only have one corgi litter a year per mama & one kitty litter every 9-10 months per mama to make sure our parents stay happy and healthy and so we can give our full attention to each litter. Demand is high, so don't be afraid to contact us and express your interest!

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